Vinya Hop – Moscat

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75 cl.


Grape variety: Muscat.

Straw yellow and moderately cloudy beer.

In the nose smells of citrus, grapes, raisins and a hint of apricot. Also, earth and wood notes can be distinguished. In addition, you can smell nutmeg and turmeric. A very complex aromatic profile.

In the mouth, the beer appears to be very effervescent and intense. It is light and has a resistance-free texture. In the long run, slightly rough and bitter tannins may be noticeable, but they are offset by a fine sweetness.

The acidity is respectable. You can find apple flavor and again earth and at the end, a balsamic sensation. None of these feelings last long. In a short time, the mouth is clean.

Elaborated by Cervesa Marina in Blanes (La Selva).

Gluten free.

75 cl glass bottle.


With the Girona Excel·lent agri-food seal.


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Vinya Hop – Moscat