L’AtreBida beer

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33 cl.


AtreBida is a Hazy IPA, a style of beer that is characterized by its contribution of hops, translated into fruity and aromatic notes. They grow their own organic, km-0 hops in Caldes de Malavella.

Beer created in collaboration with the association AD Iniciatives Socials. It is a Hazy IPA that gives visibility and support to the work carried out by AD Iniciatives Socials in its restaurant-school, where they offer training and job placement resources to young people who, for different reasons, have difficulties accessing the current world of work.

BdeGust aims to hire people at risk of labor exclusion.

Their beer is vegan (they do not use fishtail or any other product of animal origin).

Prepared by BdeGust in Caldes de Malavella (Selva).

33 cl glass bottle.

4,5% ALC/VOL


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L’AtreBida beer