Sparkling water

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The water from the Salenys fountain is naturally carbonated. The bottling is done in such a way that the level of carbonation always matches that of the fountain.

The gas in your bottled water remains intact since it is carbonated from the fountain. The fountain is sixty meters deep and contains fresh and cold water. Because of this, Salenys has a very mild unique flavor.

Salenys is a natural fountain of minerals that are essential to keep the body healthy. It is a water with a high mineralization.

Salenys offers natural sparkling water in 2 different sizes and only in glass bottles, which are recyclable and free of harmful chemicals such as BPA.

Throughout history, then, the Water of Salenys has been considered as the Water of the Costa Brava, due to its origin and its high purity.

Elaborated by Aigua de Salenys in Llagostera (Gironès).

1 l glass bottle.

With the Girona Excel·lent agri-food seal.


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Sparkling water